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Maharashtra Tour

Maharashtra Overview

Maharashtra is an Indian state which is located on the western coast of the country. The Arabian Sea is on the western border of Maharashtra. Mumbai is the capital city of Maharashtra and is also the largest city in India, making a Maharashtra tour a very good option for the traveler or vacationer because there is much to see and do in the state. In Mumbai alone, a tourist could easily spend weeks exploring the vast city and its environs. A Maharashtra tour is certain to be a wonderful vacation for even the most fastidious tourist and can be planned quite easily due to the popularity of the area.

Macau Hotels

Hotels in Maharashtra are abundant and come in all varieties possibly imaginable. This is a good thing for vacationers and travelers since it offers them many options for accommodations in the state of Maharashtra. Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, is known for its amazing hotels and is a great place for a traveler on a Maharashtra tour to find wonderful places to stay. Whether you are looking for luxurious, five-star quality hotels or a simple, budget-friendly place to rest your weary head, Maharashtra is more than able to meet your requirements.


Maharashtra Attractions:

Chowpatty Beach
A fun and interesting beach for visitors to Mumbai in Maharashtra. You can swim in the ocean or lay out and get a tan on the large, beautiful beach. There are many vendors at this beach selling refreshments as well, in case you need them. A visit to Chowpatty Beach in Mumbai is highly recommended for your Maharashtra tour and is certain to be an unforgettable experience for you and your traveling companions.

Gateway of India
This is a beautiful ceremonial archway located in Mumbai in Maharashtra and is well worth seeing on any visit to the area. It is considered to be an iconic symbol in Mumbai as well. It was originally erected in 1911. It is a strong symbol as well because when the last British soldiers left India, they did so under the Gateway of India arch. Fascinating for history buffs.

Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus
This is a well-known and fascinating railway station located in Mumbai in Maharashtra and is a great place to see on a Maharashtra tour. The architecture of the terminus is spectacular and won't be forgotten soon by anyone who comes by for a visit. The designs of the station include a bird theme, which is interesting and beautiful. If you need a train, you can pick one up here as an added bonus.

Flora Fountain
This neat fountain is a great place to check out in Maharashtra. It is located in Mumbai at the intersection of five major roads and is considered to be a symbol of Mumbai. It is an excellent place for travelers and tourists to get their pictures taken so they can always remember their wonderful Maharashtra tour. If you make a point of visiting the Flora Fountain, you will certainly not be disappointed thanks to its keen design and sparkling water.

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