1. How do I use the train search?
2. Can I search by entering the first three/four letters of the city instead of typing the entire city name?
3. Why don’t I see the return trip option on trains search page?
4. What are the different classes of travel?
5. How accurate is the pricing and availability data?
6. Which stations lie between the origin station and the destination station?
7. What does RAC mean?
8. Does it mean that I can board the train even if my ticket status is RAC till the last moment?
9. Do I have to pay extra for Tatkal tickets?
10. Why do you ask me to choose ‘from’ and ‘to’ again when I book?
11. How many days before my travel date should I make a booking?
12. How many passengers can I book in one go?
13. Can I book waitlisted and RAC e–tickets?
14. I have booked a confirmed ticket but the ticket doesn’t have the coach and seat Number. Why?
15. My ticket status is Waitlist/RAC. How would I get to know when it is confirmed?
16. What is the choice of quotas available?
17. I’m 60 years of age. Can I avail the senior citizen discount?
18. I can not check the senior citizen discount checkbox on book page. Why?
19. What does the fare include?
20. What’s a transaction fee? Why am I being charged one?
21. Why is booking and cancellation facility not available after 11:30 pm?
22. Is ID proof required for booking?
23. Do I need to carry any ID proof while boarding the train?
24. Who should carry the ID proof?
25. Can I carry a photocopy instead of the original ID proof?
26. Can you provide some information on cancellation/ refund and amendments?