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May 1, 2006

Cox & Kings, one of the leading names in the country’s travel sector is all set to launch an innovative independent venture called ezeego1 – a virtual marketplace, which would feature products by all travel service providers. A report by AHIR BHAIRAB BORTHAKUR

The surging tourism sector of the country has created a scenario for the tourism players to initiate innovative business models in the market. One such recent endeavour is the ezeego1. Projecting themselves as the first of its kind to bring all travel service providers into one platform to distribute their products online, www.ezeego1.com is all geared up to launch in the second week of May this year.

While revealing more on the company and the concept, Neelu Singh, chief operating officer, ezeego1 said that the company is an independent entity and at present Cox & Kings is the prime investor. “In due course of time, Cox & Kings stakes would be reduced to a minority as we are anticipating more investors in the near future. This is a venture, which aims to bring together all travel related service providers onto one platform to distribute their products. It is a virtual travel marketplace, a one-stop online travel market that offers all travel related services,” she said.

Describing ezeego1 as an unbiased platform for suppliers, Singh added, “On one hand there are suppliers i.e. the airlines, hotels, tour operators, transporters, insurance, the forex providers etc. and on the other are the customers, and ezeego1 will provide both B2B and B2C transactions.” She said this is the concept that makes ezeego1 different from other players like e-travel sites in the market today. “All market players including the e-travels site can be a part of ezeego1,” she added.

Commenting further on ezeego1’s business model, Singh said that the system is based on three parameters. “The first is the B2B, where the travel agent is provided with an e-mail ID and password. All products on the sites are commissionable to the agents and they would enjoy preferential pricing. The second is the franchisee route where close to 100 franchisees would be appointed across India in the first year of operation, and finally, the B2C model where the customer comes onto the site and book his holidays. In order to provide customers more flexibility, we have introduced both online and offline payment options.” She added.

Singh revealed that the company has already tied up with hundreds of hotels and large number of airlines across the world to provide not only real time availability but also booking capability.

When asked what makes ezeego1 unique, she said that ezeego1 is a travel Meta Search site with booking capabilities. “It is a platform where both sides meet to get real time information and transaction capability online. The portal offers a real time web-based booking engine, which is seamlessly integrated to the mid and back office.” Singh added.

Singh also pointed out that ezeego1 provides a wonderful opportunity to customise one’s holidays.  “It has a 24 hours reservation system that offers a dynamic packaging of all services with real time inventory.  The portal also employs a unique single window platform for multiple services; so one doesn’t have to enter and exit different systems,” she maintained.

Singh added that the portal will have a strong online and offline fulfillment system and different modes of delivery and collections, like having offices all over the country, which will help cater its services in any part of India.  When asked how the portal would take care of the high value transaction, Singh said that whenever a high value payment would be made, it would seamlessly integrate to bank, which will take over the amount. 

“All agents related to travel industry irrespective of its size are invited to access and buy services on ezeego1.  The site’s dynamic packaging ensures a comprehensive choice of suppliers and products worldwide, and instant confirmation is provided to customers with real- time inventory and prices.  We will have flexible payment modes as well as credit facility against guarantee and deposit,” Singh added.  While pointing out the benefits for the suppliers, Singh said that due to the presence of multiple buyers in the ezeego1 system, suppliers have an opportunity to control their pricing as per the market trends and fulfill last minute supply and demand.

Net profit with ezeego1

  • Ezeego1 is targeting Rs 1000 crore turnover in 3 years
  • Total investment in ezeego1 is Rs 100 crores
  • Initial investment of Rs 20 crores has been done by Cox and Kings
  • The ezeego1 business module is based on 3 parameters – B2B for travel agents, Franchisee and for individual customers
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