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May 1, 2006

Tour operator major Cox & Kings (C&K) became the first of its clique to get into online consolidation with travel product portal ezeego1. Coined as a ‘travel meta search site with booking capabilities’, ezeego1 will list airlines, hotels, tour packages, car rentals, foreign exchange, et al from principals including, interestingly, some of C&K’s competitors. The objective, according to ezeego1 COO Neelu Singh, is to consolidate all such services on a single platform. It is a sort of leisure GDS if you may, she says, C&K is currently a minority promoter and will, subsequently divest its stake in the portal.

Ezeego1, being claimed as a comprehensive single window for all travel-related services finds a niche away from the slew of recently launched portals in the same space.It is being promoted by an existing tour operator business that has had its online model for some time and one that serves as an interface both for consumers and travel agents.

The concept isn’t a new one however, Singh points out. She cites the instance of Thomas Cook which has a similar model of consolidation in the UK where, coincidentally it is one of C&K’s largest sellers. This virtual travel marketplace has many layers to it, Singh says. This is so because, unlike random surfers, travel agents who are part of ezeego1’s network will be accorded a specific login and password to access rates which they can then add their margins to, to sell to their clients. Similarly, due to the presence of multiple competition, suppliers have an opportunity to control their pricing as per the market trends and fulfill last minute supply and demand. The strength that ezeego1 will leverage she says, is the ability to gather and provide real time information, inventory and transaction capability online. Ezeego1 has also tied up with various payment gateway options and has installed a 24x7 call center to answer trade and consumer queries.

Pricing products will purely be the prerogative of suppliers and they will be able to put out rates depending on the profile of customers they want to target. Ezeego1 will target corporates exclusively through travel agents as it would targets consumers in a way. The offline element, Singh says is also important as “Travellers are still reluctant to pay online, particularly if the sums are large, which in the case of travel, they tend to be. There are also norms regarding foreign exchange that prevent an end-to-end transaction without an offline element.”

She claims that inventory in key metro hotels had already been allocated for ezeego1 and from amongst the slew of upcoming conveniences, links to downloading visa forms for different destinations was also on the wishlist. Singh has set herself an ambitious target of establishing a network of more than 3,000 outlets.

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