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Let Ezeego1 plan your next fabulous beach holiday!

Sometimes when you go on vacation, it feels like you need a vacation from the vacation. Just planning your trip and making all the arrangements can take months of planning in advance. Then, once you get there, you have to worry about having your itinerary numbers and tickets. When you forget the page that shows you booked your train tickets, for instance, the train station has no way to track that you already bought your tickets. Phew! Luckily, there is a fabulous new way to plan your beach holidays!

Ezeego1 is India's number one online travel bazaar, and they have everything you need to make your beach holidays perfect in every way! Their one-stop shopping online site has everything including rental cars, hotels, flights, buses, railway tickets, and cruises. They also have incredible travel packages all over the world which include airfare and all other transportation, resulting in a no fuss vacation! You can also choose a standard package, or upgrade for a little more to a superior or deluxe package. So the real question is, where do you want to go for your beach holidays?

One idea is to sign up for an all-inclusive trip to the gorgeous beaches of Phuket, Singapore! Once you have been there, you will want to have all of your beach holidays in Phuket. These incredible beaches feature incredible rock formations that jut out of the pristine sapphire blue waters. On this trip, you will get to take a tour of the old historic Phuket Town, and then travel on Phromthep Cape. From the highest point of Phromthep Cape you can see the brilliant blue sea and the nearby islands. Finally, you will also visit Khao Rang Hill. From this hill, you get a great view of Phuket Town as well as breathtaking views of the southern part of the island and many of the offshore islands. Another gorgeous destination for beach holidays is the Maldives. This incredible atoll is sparkling blue with incredible underwater coral gardens. This Ezeego1 all-inclusive package includes accommodations in Male at the four star Giravaru Island Resort. This resort has all of the comforts you would ever want while still preserving the natural beauty of the island. And if you happen to get tired of working on that fabulous tan, there is also snorkeling, windsurfing, catamaran sailing, kayaking, parasailing, kite-surfing, water-skiing and jet-skiing available.

Or, if neither of these quite suit your fancy, we recommend the Seychelles. The Ezeego1 vacation package to the Seychelles includes accommodations at the four star resort the Coral Strand. The Seychelles are almost always warm, thanks to the currents in the Indian Ocean, and for this reason, the Seychelles are commonly referred to as paradise on Earth. The Seychelles are possibly the ultimate in beach holidays! Warm breezes, gorgeous sunsets, and a wonderful array of tropical flowers; there is no better way to get away! No matter which package you choose, you can rely on Ezeego1 to make each and every one of your beach holidays amazing! Do not be hassled by planning your next beach holidays yourself; let Ezeego1 do all the hard work and start enjoying your beach holidays sooner!

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